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How it works

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If you are an adult, single, metaphysically-minded person who loves God, prayer, and living a good life, Prayerful Living Singles is for you! Join for free and begin meeting people all over the world who hold these values. You must be at least 20 years old. We especially cater to people studying metaphysical teachings such as Christian Science (Mary Baker Eddy), or Unity (Charles & Myrtle Fillmore), or Religious Science / Science of Mind (Ernest Holmes), or The Infinite Way (Joel Goldsmith), or Metaphysical Science (Margaret Laird), or Science of Being (Max Kappeler), or A Course in Miracles. You do NOT have to be a member of a church to join. If you are metaphysically-minded, come join us.

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Fill out some basic information about yourself, upload your photo, and write an attention-grabbing headline and essay. This is absolutely free - you don't need to pay anything.

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Once inside our site, you can search our database of singles like you. Search by location, age, interests, and other personal preferences. Show interest in other members by just clicking the "Wink" button. All of this is free.

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When you decide that you are ready for more personal contact, simply upgrade to a Full (Gold) Membership and communicate with Full (Gold) Members via IM (instant messaging), internal email, or audio and video chat. Gold Membership fees range in price but can get as low as 25 cents a day.

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To get a better understanding of how the website works, please download the User's Manual.

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